Nothing happens on submission of form

Hello, I have a site that has forms on almost every page. When I press the submit button nothing seems to happen. Each form has the required netlify tags and a different name. This is a screenshot of the code.

The my-Form section in Netlify dashboard shows all my forms. However with no submissions. No submissions on the spam section as well. I have consulted your docs deeply to no avail. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Hey @wahinyabryan,

Have you been through the form debugging guide here on the community forum?

EDIT: Do you have any success if you remove the recaptcha?

Thanks for your response. I have removed the ReCAPTCHA and nothing still seems to happen. I do have some javascript on the page however not on the form. Could that be the issue ?

Yes I have gone through the guide

I have found a solution. I had linked some form rendering js to a different form which seemed to affect this form. If nothing seems to work check your Javascript. I hope this helps someone out.

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