Not able to get SSH key


I have created a new website( using Netlify CLI. But it seems like I did not get SSH key.

Also, I tried looking at Settings > Build & deploy > Continuous deployment > Deploy key but I was not able to get one. Is it because I am using Starter plan?


Hi, @pdk2580, the deploy key is the key used to access the Git repo. This site doesn’t have a Git repo associated with it at Netlify.

If you are looking for the ability to SSH into the system hosting the site, that isn’t possible and there is more about this here.

If there are other questions or I have misunderstood this question, please let us know.

Hi @luke, thanks for replying. I am actually trying to use Azure DevOps Repository and was following the below article:

So are you saying that I have to first connect to my Azure DevOps git repository to see the SSH key?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi, normally the repo would get linked to the Netlify site during the netlify init --manual step. I checked the site and I don’t any repo linked to the site.

The SSH key will also be printed during this process. Did you run netlify init --manual command? If so did it print this at the end?

Success! Netlify CI/CD Configured!

Hi @luke,

Yes, that is how the website was created through netlify init --manual step. So following the video, it should return SSH key but it did not as you can see from the screenshot above.

On ‘Do you want to create a Netlify site without a git repository’ question, I have selected ‘Yes, create and deploy site manually’. Would this be a possible cause of not returning the SSH key? But the guide video itself also selected something similar to that (although it was not exact the same message).

Anyway, if it did not return SSH key during init stage, would I be able to get one now? And how can I do that if possible.


Hi, @pdk2580, the SSH key is used to access the Git repository. If there is no Git repository linked, there won’t be an SSH key created until that is done.

If you want an SSH key, link the site to a repo to get one. Might I ask, if you don’t have a repo currently what do you want to use the SSH key for?

Hi @luke,

As I am not using default Git repository that is supported by Netlify, I needed it to setup build hook.

I am trying to setup Azure DevOps repository with Netlify. And Azure DevOps Repository is not supported from Netlify UI so I had to set it up manually.


Hi, @pdk2580, the build webhook triggers a build which clones a Git repository and runs build command to create the static site. Is there a Git repo at Azure DevOps? If so, are you linking this site to the repo with netlify init --manual?

Linking the site to some Git repo will be required for build webhooks to work.

Hi @luke,

Thanks!! I got finally got things working with netlify link on my local repository to be linked to the Netlify site.


Thank you for sharing the solution here, @pdk2580. We appreciate it and other searching will (hopefully) appreciate it as well. :smiley:

A quick answer for the issue is: You have to run “netlify init --manual” command from inside a local git repo folder.

Hi @pdk2580, it’s been awhile so you may not be hitting this issue anymore. However, I wanted to share that we recently released support for Azure DevOps as a Git provider. If you still have projects in Azure DevOps repos, that should make connecting them to Netlify more straightforward; connecting the repo on the CLI via netlify init --manual is still supported. Hope this helps and always happy to hear any feedback you may have!