No blogs posts showing up in admin and new blogs won't save

I can access admin just fine, but i cannot see any blogs i wrote before and when I create a blog post and try to save it I get this alert error:

‘Failed to persist entry: API_ERROR:not found’
I did some googling and found if I have : publish_mode: editorial_workflow. in my config that is what breaks it. So I removed it hoping that would fix it but it didnt.

in console I get this:
netlify-cms-app.js:14 GET 404 (Not Found)

netlify-cms-app.js:14 GET 404 (Not Found)


  1. {type: ‘ENTRY_PERSIST_FAILURE’, error: ‘Failed to persist entry’, payload: {…}}

  2. error: “Failed to persist entry”

  3. payload: {collectionName: ‘blog’, entrySlug: ‘’, error: ‘API_ERROR: Not Found’}


  5. [[Prototype]]: Object

just confused. I updated my netlifycms and still doesn’t work

Are you on an organization account? Your account needs to grant access to your Netlify CMS instance:

I made an overview of all different types of api errors, which you can find here:

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Thank you! this is very helpful. I had to add the specific branch name in my admin config and updated all my packages and force netlify to use my version of node. Thanks again