New Slack notification type: team metered usage events

A couple weeks ago we shared that the Netlify app for Slack is available in beta. Today we’ve introduced a new event type: team metered usage events!

You can subscribe to this new event type to receive an early heads up in Slack, if your team is nearing a metered feature allowance:

Notifications will be sent when your team crosses the 50%, 75%, or 90% threshold of bandwidth allotment, build minutes, and function invocations. Not applicable for Enterprise plans.

How to subscribe

  1. Connect your Slack workspace to your Netlify account. Available for teams on Pro and above plans.
  2. Navigate to Team Settings > Notifications on
  3. Select “Add Subscription” and choose the “team metered usage events” event type:

We hope this helps your team keep an eye on platform usage. If you have any feedback on this or any other event type, please feel free to use the “…” button on the Slack notification to share your thoughts!

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This looks great. Are there any plans to enable receiving these sorts of notifications via plain old email (as opposed to via Slack)? Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback, @hispanic! For customers on our Starter, Pro, and similar accounts, we automatically send emails for metered usage events:

  • Owners receive emails for functions, form, identity, Large Media
  • Owners and Collaborators receive emails for build minutes, bandwidth, Edge Functions

Please let me know though if this doesn’t address your use case!

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Oh! Great to know. Are the thresholds the same? 50%, 75%, and 90%?

Yes, the thresholds are same.

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