Netlify toml - Configuration property functions.included_files must be an object error


I’m am currently developing a Netlify Function and I have a number of files outside the defined directory for functions, that I need to require within it. I have read in the documentation that an included_files key can be specified to tell Netlify to require them files.

However, when I run netlify dev this seems to be invalid config.

This is my netlify.toml file.


Any help would be appreciated.

hi there, which version of netlify dev are you using? if not the most recent one, can you update and try again? if the error fixes itself, great! if not, please let us know and we can think on it some more.

Thanks for getting back to me @perry, I updated the CLI and I’ve managed to move past that error. I am however getting and new error now:

EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read

I’ve tried running netlify dev --debug but I don’t get any additional messages.

So I managed to fix my error using this config:

Using functions/lib/graphql/** didn’t work so I have to specify the file extension

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What if you use functions/lib/graphql/* or functions/lib/graphql/*.*?