Netlify Site Release! Wolf Howl/Pack

I have an announcement to make to the Netlify community about a secret project that I have been working on in the works of my discovery of Netlify since I had found it back in 2018. I have published my very first netlify site!
The link to view it is
Wolf Howl
The site is open source and is available on GitLab

The main purpose of this site is to get away from ads, trackers, analytics. I wanted to create this site for at least two reason for myself to use it, I want to start having a homepage again and I want to not have to deal with my bookmarks being lost due to sync issues or not remembering certain sites that I wanted to visit.

Now I am aware that I should make it be more towards everyone who would use my site but when I tried to ask for feedback on my site, people would just say that it looks good and that doesn’t help me at all, but I realized that they’re not web developers themselves so I decided to ask more web developer focused communities about my site but still some of the same responses came up when I asked. Also the site was still in beta at the time so there really wasn’t enough feedback for me to create the site to what it is now.

With all of that said, I wanted to put in a lot of things that I wanted to have for my site like login and sign in buttons but all the code for that was really annoying so left those out of the code but I hope to add that in one day to the site.

Now there are some links on the page that people don’t like or want, thats okay because with the power of Netlify and forms I’ve made a contact form for people to contact me by and it all lives in Netlify’s form submission tech.

Now with all that being said. Wolf Howl/Pack is finally released!
Let me know what you think either by GitLab, Netlify Contact Form, Netlify Community for feedback/improvements

(Name not fully decided yet so decided to combine the two)

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thanks for sharing!! i hope you keep working on it - please show us your progress!

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