Netlify sign up issue

Hello, please I need help with signing up.
I am currently learning web development, and we’ve been asked to deploy our assignment (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) on netlify. However, each time I try to sign up, I’m told I’ve been suspended.
Tried to automatically connect using GitHub (vegele93) and was told I already have an account. So I tried to log in using the email I used to create the GitHub account (, but was told there’s no such account. I then proceeded to create a new account. A verification link was sent to my mail, and this expired almost immediately. Forgot password? Done that too. Message I get is that I’ve been suspended.

I’ve been stuck in this unending cycle for a long time hence my asking for your help on how to navigate. Kindly help me resolve this issue. I really wish to keep up to speed with my learning.

My details are as follows:
GitHub username: vegele93
Email address:


@Vegele93 It’s likely that Netlify support will send you an email where you’ll need to confirm your identity by providing a document that Stripe can verify.

You’ll need to wait for that, (I don’t work for Netlify so cannot trigger it), but in the meantime you can see the list of documents that Stripe accept per-country here:

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@nathanmartin thanks for the information.
I’ve checked out the site for the acceptable verification means, and I can provide the requested verification document. However, I need info on how to go about it.

@Vegele93 I don’t speak for Netlify, but from what I’ve seen once a support staff member at Netlify see this thread they’ll send you a verification email.

At this point you’ll just need to wait until they’re around.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. Please check your inbox as we have sent the verification link to your email. if you do not see this in your inbox i encourage you to check your spam.


I’ve done the verification, but it’s still being rejected.

You will need to provide documentation that is accepted. Stripe typically prefers passports. What document did you submit and from what country? Can you attach a screenshot of what you see?

I have tried two different IDs: National Identity Card, and Voter’s card (I’m Nigerian). The two were rejected outrightly.

@Vegele93 Stripe indicate that acceptable verification documentation for Nigeria are:

  • Identity Card (National Identity Card)
  • Passport
  • Driving License

So the National Identity Card is listed, but the Voter’s card is not.

please sir i really do not know what to do
i am no have domain but when i am tring to set it up with host here and (godaddy ) its say or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team
i tried to open others acount i dont remember pass word and there is no other team excpt me i am free lancer beginer

@mohamedhassan I don’t work for Netlify so can’t help you.

You’ll need to wait until Netlify staff are around, they’ll be able to sort it out.

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many thanks to you
thanks for your time

Hi, your account is not blocked. You can verify you own the domain and we can release this for you.
Please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

i tried my best but i did the steps but i fell some thing wrong or missing

here i followed the steps but i think there is update in godaddy do not know what to do
thank in advance

update the “text” field to match this forums post: 105668

we will continue to help you here.

This has been resolved in our helpdesk, if you have further questions feel free to respond there!