Netlify form not getting recognised


I have struggling with the netlify form with gatsby. Though i have read the docs, i have tried out the official gatsby example, (which works), the form in my own project does not get recognised by netlify during built time.

The code is super simple though, almost identical with the example in gatsby.

I have created a gist on github for this specific piece of code: form · GitHub

The submission of the form returns 404 error.

Do you have any suggestions whatsoever?

Thank you in advance!

hi there, did you read through this guide already?

Also, you’ll see there are a ton of posts on 404s with forms in the forums, you may want to look at some of these posts if the above guide doesn’t help:

if you are still unable to fix your problem, we can take another look - we’d need a link to your live site on Netlify to do so at the very least.


yes, i have gone through, and yes, i have read all those posts, what’s more, i have copied a working example into my project, and result is 404, what’s more, the form is not getting recognized by netfliy during buildtime, this is what i was trying to describe in my post. :slight_smile:

Still no success.

Have you checked maybe the gist ive added in my post? If so, you can see that the example I am trying to get work, is exactly the same that works in the gatsby official netllify form documentation. :slight_smile:



hi @zilahir, thanks for the extra information. We can’t do much with a react template, we’ll need to see the cleartext html you are also including in your page as described here:

[Support Guide] My form renders with JavaScript but won't work properly

Thanks for your reply perry.

What would help to get deeper in what might goes wrong? You might want to see the repo? I will need to invite you there, since it’s private. But i am happy to do so, to get to the bottom of this.

hi zilahir, did you read the article?

going and troubleshooting your repo goes a bit beyond the support we can provide, but if you copy your html code here we can take a look at it.