Netlify DNS verified but can't access site

Hello there,

I have build static site using Gatsby. I have successfully build using GitHub repo. I am having problem connecting my site with my custom external domain.

I changed nameserver to “” and “” by logging in my domain registrar page. After, 24 hours finally it was verified.

my netlify site name : “”
my custom domain name: “”

There is no build error as such. It works fine using netlify site name but not with my custom domain name.

What am I missing?
Please review.

hey i am a new coder and i use the domain and hosting of netlify there is a problem when i publish my website “page not found” i know now how to fic it but how i can open the netlify.toml file of my website

please only post once, @Mahmoud_Faour! We do look at every post so multiple posts just slows us down. thanks.

hi there, seems to be working now?

DNS does take time, here is a little more info on why: