Netlify CMS on multi language site all trigger the same deploy from main repo/ master branch

Hey there,
I have a strange problem. I have two Netlify sites - one on the root domain which is in German. And a second Netlify site on the subdomain.

I have create a branch in my repository for the other language and tried to get the English page follow that branch. But once something is saved in the backend it triggers the main site deploy.

So I tried to create a completely seperate repository on github and let the Enlish site follow that repository’s master branch. Still the same problem - both - English and German backends trigger the main site (German) to rebuild and the changes are also committed to the main repository.

Can someone help me - what am I missing here? I just want two languages with two different backends.

P.S.: perhaps I should mention that I have a language redirect in place if someone is English speaking they are redirected to the English site. But that shouldn’t be the problem right?

What do you mean by “backend” in this instance?

Normally that would refer to sever-side logic or cloud functions, but I suspect you mean commits to the repo? Or is it entries being created in a CMS?

I’m sorry - wasn’t exactly clear there.

I’m using the Netlify CMS as a backend for content editors to the change the content.
Entries can be created through the CMS as well but in this case I was only changing existing entries since the English site is basically a clone from the main site.

@ousia That makes more sense, thanks for clarifying.

I can’t assist with the Netlify CMS as it’s not something I use, but if you edit your main post I believe there’s a tag (and even a forum section) that you can use to identify your question as being Netlify CMS related.

Thanks for pointing that out. Still new to Netlify and only used it with its CMS and to me this kinda was the same, but apparently it isn’t :wink: