Netlify CMS Admin - Cant upload image (Failed to persist media: API_ERROR)


Can I ask what is the main reason here when im uploading a image in netlify cms/media it shows

“Failed to persist media: API_ERROR”

but the image is uploading in our github repo and building in netlify production.

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Hi @aaronrye12 :wave:
It’s hard to tell the cause for the error without additional information. If you open your browser developers tools you should be able to see a log message with the error and under the network tab the request to upload the image should also provide some insights.

Regardless, I recommend updating to the latest CMS version which is netlify-cms@2.10.84.

Hi @erez! :slight_smile:

Here is the error that shows in console:

and this is under network:


I will try to updated the cms version thanks!

Thanks for the additional information @aaronrye12, that helps.
Can you also provide the Headers tab from the second screenshot (it has the request URL)?
It looks like (for some reason) the git-gateway doesn’t allow the specific API of that URL.

I would also try to disable/enable git-gateway from the UI settings