Netlify CDN or DNS blocked in Russia?

Wow, wow, wow, now netlify work well on Russia, i brokenhearted because this is affect Ukrainian users

Unfortunately, the impact of our fix (rolling out cdn nodes on yandex) seemed to create worse problems for Ukraine (total blockage) than it was fixing for Russia (partial blockage), so we’ve reverted the change. We’ll be reconsidering how to enable both to use our service in coming days and will still follow up here as things develop.


Hello @perry and Happy New Year

Do you have any updates on the Russian IP restriction? We currently hardcode an A record for a known IP that actually works in Russia but that’s failing after a while and we need to manually change it - quite frustrating

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hi @cipriancaba - thanks for checking in and asking about this.

We started getting some work completed on this towards the end of last year, but unfortunately, we hit some unexpected roadblocks that are delaying the progress.

We intend to fix it, but at the moment I don’t have a timeline for when that work will happen. I’m sorry, I know it is frustrating, and I wish I had better news.

If anything changes, updating this thread will be the first thing we do.


Thank you for doing it for us! :pray:t2: It is such a pain in the ass that we have many excellent resources hosted on Netlify that are being blocked in Russia.
As far as I know, this site is being hosted on Netlify and isn’t blocked in Russia. Are there any chances you could extrapolate the approach used by its team for other resources? I am not very skilled in that question. I am sorry. Just in case it could help us to solve the problem.

At this time seems Netlify servers are not available in all CIS countries( It’s sad, stupid government((

Yikes, really? That’s sad to hear. We are still trying to come up with a plan that isn’t “getting ukraine’s servers blocked” which is what happened with our first attempted fix. We’ll report back here when we have news…

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Any updates? Do you need some help from inside CIS? :slight_smile:

The right way it seems is to bug large ISPs to unblock the IPs. Also I once again beg you to not respond to Roscomnadzor’s whims, their only real function is political censorship.

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Well, if you know who to contact at large ISP’s, we’d be happy to try working with them! We have not had any luck in working with Roscomnadzor, which about matches what you predicted :expressionless:

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Hey @notpushkin, @zhandosweb, @DmitrySharabin, @vally.pepyako and everyone everyone else ~

We are happy, proud, and relieved to report that after a lot of work, we have been able to implement a solution that allows access to Netlify from Russia and Ukraine without a VPN :partying_face: :tada:

Please go ahead and review your sites and apps, and let us know if any problems accessing things persist. thank you all for your patience.

Добро пожаловать на борт
(I don’t speak russian but i do know how to use google translate…)