Netlify Build Complete but receiving "Command did not finish within the time limit" on paid plan

Hi @tqureshi-uog

I checked your latest build and based on what I found, I don’t think the issue is the build timelimit, rather it is an out of memory error. I’m referring to this:

2:14:16 PM: URL path: /gceb3/
12:14:16 PM: Killed
12:14:16 PM: ​
12:14:16 PM: build.command failed                                        
12:14:16 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
12:14:16 PM: ​
12:14:16 PM:   Error message
12:14:16 PM:   Command failed with exit code 137: npm run build (

And when I view the memory usage for your build, I see that you are maxing out the memory:

Take a look at this support guide for information on how to troubleshoot this issue: [Support Guide] What can I do if my build fails for memory-overallocation-related errors?

I hope this helps!

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