Netlify Blob explorer in dashboard

It would be great if the netlify dashboard showed me the different blob stores my site has. I can write up some code to query the list, but I’d love it if the feature was built into the UI.

The use-case for me specifically is I added some blob stores during development that I don’t want and I’d love to see them and clean them up.

By development, do you mean the CLI? If yes, the CLI doesn’t use your production data.

But yes, it could be useful if someone does this in production.

Yea, that’s what I mean, I’m developing locally using the CLI. I didn’t know if the blob storage is shared with my actual site (I don’t think the docs call it out, unless I missed it).

So I’d love to be able to see both local blob storage and actual site storage.

Yeah it’s not. It’s listed in the docs:

  • Local development with Netlify Dev uses a sandboxed local store that does not support file-based uploads. You cannot read production data during local development.

I’d still file a feature request, but not sure if/when that would be worked on.

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