My Node.js server doesn't work

My site work on localhost, but doesn’t work on netlify.

The server gives me the html file and the files connected to it. The data.json file request also works. But when sending a POST request, I get a 404 error.

I don’t use frameworks, this is a simple application on a clean node.js . I don’t have a build team, I just want to run my project.

All files are on github, I gave access to the Netlify repository. I don’t understand what the error is, I will be grateful for your help!

@Dlazder That’s to be expected, you won’t be able to run a node.js server on Netlify.

If you want to engineer your project that way, then you’ll need to seek another applicable hosting provider.

Alternatively you can change your project so that it uses Serverless Functions instead.

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Thanks for answer! Оn another forum, I was advised to use netlife… At least now I won’t waste time trying in vain…