My deployment is failing

My Webpack building and running normally on the local, but when I run my deployment in netlify, it says compiled successfully sits there for 30 mins saying it was building and then build fails to produce the following error. Please help me with this issue.

7:52:42 PM: - Compiler.js:678 compilation.seal.err
7:52:42 PM: [repo]/[webpack]/lib/Compiler.js:678:31
7:52:42 PM: - Hook.js:154 AsyncSeriesHook.lazyCompileHook
7:52:42 PM: [repo]/[tapable]/lib/Hook.js:154:20
7:52:42 PM: - Compilation.js:1423 hooks.optimizeAssets.callAsync.err
7:52:42 PM: [repo]/[webpack]/lib/Compilation.js:1423:35
7:52:42 PM: Child html-webpack-plugin for “index.html”:
7:52:42 PM: Asset Size Chunks Chunk Names
7:52:42 PM: 44 bytes [emitted] [immutable] [hmr]
7:52:42 PM: + 1 hidden asset
7:52:42 PM: Entrypoint undefined = index.html
7:52:42 PM: [./node_modules/html-webpack-plugin/lib/loader.js!./src/index.html] 177 bytes {0} [built] [failed] [1 error]
7:52:42 PM: ERROR in ./src/index.html (./node_modules/html-webpack-plugin/lib/loader.js!./src/index.html)
7:52:42 PM: Module build failed (from ./node_modules/html-webpack-plugin/lib/loader.js):
7:52:42 PM: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/opt/build/repo/src/index.html’
7:52:42 PM: :information_source: 「wdm」: Failed to compile.

Hi, @Raju10100. It would help us to examine the complete deploy logs at Netlify. Would you please send us a link to those?

It is also interesting that the build sites there for 30 minutes before the error occurs. (At least, I believe that is what is happening but I could be misunderstanding.) If this what is happening, the most likely explanation is that there is a worker process not being exited. Because the worker is still running, it appears to the build system that the build is not yet complete (because the processed never exited).

If this is the issue, there is more information about this here:

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.