Missing team and site for ethllamas.com


When logging into netlify today after several day I find that it immediately prompted me to create a new team and site. so my original team and site for ethllamas.com are nowhere to be found, even though the website continues to be served. I proceeded with setting up new team and the site again but now i can’t use the domain since it’s says it on a different account. oof!

“Another site is already using this domain” when trying to add “ethllamas.com” again.

Please help. I don’t know the original netlify site name since can no longer find it and the site is now stuck frozen in time.

Hi, @ethllamasnft. The reason it prompted you to create a new login is because you manually deleted your two previous teams. This was caused by your action and is not a bug.

Regarding the domain being in use on another team, we have a support guide about how to fix that here:

If you create a verification DNS record or if there are any other questions, please let us know.