Managing Deploy Preview requests

I have a repo where there are a lot of PRs. Each PR creates a deploy preview request. Now I have to manually click “accept” and then “accept” again in the confirmation window for every single one. I have no way to accept them all, or reject them all. Since the Deploy Preview Requests are on the top of the “Deploys” page, I have to scroll all the way down to see my actual latest deploys.

Some suggestions for fixing this:

  1. Remove deploy requests once a PR has been merged, so it is cleaned up.
  2. Don’t require a confirmation dialog. One click is enough.
  3. Add an option to always allow PR deploy previews (this is my favorite option!), especially if it’s linked to a list of trusted accounts.

Hey @joepio

We already have a feature request for option 1 and as I understand if you configure Git Contributors, you can allow them to deploy automatically, correct?