Language based redirect not working

Hi there! I’ve got a problem regarding redirects on my webpage. You can take a look at it here: I’ve got the following section in my netlify.toml:

    from = "/"
    to = "/en/"
    status = 302
    conditions = {Language = ["aa", "ab", "af", "am", "ar", "as", "ay", "az", "ba", "be", "bg", "bh", "bi", "bn", "bo", "br", "ca", "co", "cs", "cy", "da", "dz", "el", "en", "eo", "es", "et", "eu", "fa", "fi", "fj", "fo", "fr", "fy", "ga", "gd", "gl", "gn", "gu", "ha", "he", "hi", "hr", "hu", "hy", "ia", "id", "ie", "ik", "in", "is", "it", "iw", "ja", "ji", "jw", "ka", "kk", "kl", "km", "kn", "ko", "ks", "ku", "ky", "kz", "la", "ln", "lo", "ls", "lt", "lv", "mg", "mi", "mk", "ml", "mn", "mo", "mr", "ms", "mt", "my", "na", "ne", "nl", "no", "oc", "om", "or", "pa", "pl", "ps", "pt", "qu", "rm", "rn", "ro", "ru", "rw", "sa", "sb", "sd", "sg", "sh", "si", "sk", "sl", "sm", "sn", "so", "sq", "sr", "ss", "st", "su", "sv", "sw", "sx", "ta", "te", "tg", "th", "ti", "tk", "tl", "tn", "to", "tr", "ts", "tt", "tw", "uk", "ur", "us", "uz", "vi", "vo", "wo", "xh", "yi", "yo", "zh", "zu"]}

The deploy details specify that the redirect rule has been processed without an error.

I want to redirect to the /en/ page (for English visitors) for any language that is not German. When using the Chrome Incognito mode, the following request header is passed:


but I don’t get redirected.

Why not? What is the problem here? Thanks for your support!

According to the post here: Redirect by browser language this feature doesn’t work as expected. You should try a JavaScript based redirection.

Right, the issue is when there are multiple accept-language values and a quality (q=) set, our system will not parse the quality and just go with the first language it sees.