Lambda build time workarounds?

Hi all,

as far as I understand it, your functions/lambdas aren’t considered until after build. I’m wanting to bake-in some dynamic information at build time (Puppeteer screen captures), but I’m unsure what the workarounds might be on the Netlify platform.

I saw mention of someone suggesting running two Netlify sites, and using one to acquire dynamic data? I’m not sure what my options might be, so all suggestions welcome!

That’s right – functions execute at the ‘onPostBuild’ phase of the build, as can be seen in the deploy log of any build with functions.


So, you could perhaps use a build plugin. You can learn how to make build plugins right here and, yes, you can run these after your build too.

It’ll need some thought and development however we love seeing wacky, wonderful and ambitious build plugins!

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