[jekyll] issue on accessing & rendering value in nested fields

Hi, I can access nested field (the nested frontmatter in liquid/jekyll), but the Netlify CMS’s UI doesn’t render properly.

# admin/config.yml
  name: git-gateway #test-repo #git-gateway
  repo: <repo url>
  branch: main # Branch to update (optional; defaults to master)
media_folder: "assets/uploads"
  - label: "Site Setting"
    name: "config"
    widjet: "object"
      preview: false
    create: false
      - label: "site configuration"
        name: "_config.yml"
        widjet: "object"
        file: "_config.yml"
          - label: "twitter"
            name: "twitter"
            widjet: "object" # tried "list" as well
              - { label: "username", name: username, widget: "string" } 
            # fields: [ { label: "username", name: "username", widget: "string" } ]
# config.yml
  username               : twitter_username

It accesses and shows the object in raw data,


but what I want is having a proper UI where the label username with the value twitter_username is within the label twitter

I am testing it with minimal-mistake jekyll theme, and all the jekyll theme have nested frontmatter with one level or two level indentation as you all know.

Also, all necessary initial CMS-related configuration are done referencing the tutorial git.

I’m stuck on it for a couple of days, so plz help me if anyone knows some solution!

Netlify doesn’t own or provide CMS support anymore: Decap CMS | Open-Source Content Management System