Is Netlify DNS required for a google domain?

I don’t see an option to just add a CNAME to my google domain’s DNS… all I see are instructions to switch my DNS from google domains to Netlify DNS?

Is it possible to just add a CNAME to my google domain DNS or do I have to switch nameservers to use netlify DNS?

I noticed this on another google domain I had… but not seeing it for instance on Namecheap domains (which still let me add CNAME)

You can use Netlify with Google DNS, but you cannot use Netlify DNS and Google DNS together.

To get your custom domain working with Google DNS, refer to this page:

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Ok… I’m wondering why it doesn’t show me the CNAME that needs to be added and instead shows me the nameservers to change to Netlify DNS. Is there a reason it does this for google but not other domains? Netlify seems to only do this when it’s a google domain.

Not certain what you’re reading, but typically you set an A record with the Netlify IP address, and a CNAME using your Netlify subdomain name. What am I missing?

When I have a domain from namecheap, I click “Check DNS configuration” and I see this

When I have a google domain added, I click “Check DNS configuration” I see this

So, I’m just wondering why it is different for a google domain VS other domain

I understand that I can setup the ANAME (apparently not a CNAME?) etc for my google domain-- I’m just wondering why the directions that you get differ.

What is causing it to recommend changing nameservers where the other one is showing the A record option? The only difference between the two domains is one is a google domain and the other bought through namecheap.

Hi, @anthony, this depends on where you add the domain. It doesn’t matter where the domain is registered.

There are two ways to use a custom domain with a site at Netlify:

You can use either method with any domain. You can use mix and match for different domains on a single account but each domain can only use one of the two methods (Netlify DNS or external DNS).

If you add the custom domain only under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains, then you are using external DNS.

If you add the domain under Team name > Domains, then you are using Netlify DNS. You still need to add the domain to the site (the instructions above) for sites using domains hosted with Netlify DNS. The required DNS records will be created automatically for any domains added to the site which are also using Netlify DNS.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

@luke It might help everyone if there were some screen shot illustrations on this page in addition to the text.

Ahh… I see. I wonder if somebody tried to add the domain under the top level tab and that’s why it’s showing the DNS directions

Edit: Yes that’s it. If you add a domain through the top level tab (as oppose to doing it in the domain settings of a project), then it will show you DNS directions rather than the CNAME/A record options.

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Hi Luke, is there any advantage of using Netlify DNS over external DNS? Maybe performance?

Hi @vishisht

Check out this support guide for some benefits of using Netlify DNS