Is it possible to add a field/widget to only one page in a collection? (Jekyll)

I’m using the Jekyll Netlify CMS Boilerplate template to learn how Netlify CMS works.

I was able to add a new field to the pages in the page collection, but I was curious if there is a way to add fields to only one specific page within a collection. Much like the ability I have in Jekyll to add front matter to Page A without it affecting Page B.

For instance, the ability to add a set of fields to the About page admin via config.yml but not on any other page in the same collection.

Potential approaches

  • Add fields to all pages in the collection. Make them optional in the admin, and conditional on the front end.
  • Add fields to all pages in the collection. Use CSS in Admin to hide them on the other pages (haven’t tested this but it might work? at a second glance there aren’t unique IDs on each field.)
  • Suck it up. Embrace everything that already works well and stop trying to make this feel like WordPress.

Have you tried using the file collection? It’s meant for semi-static pages like about pages etc. If you need something a bit more dynamic, you might want to look into the variable types list widget. It’s a bit more complicated, but I’m pretty sure you could achieve the same thing using that with a folder collection.

I didn’t come across that until now—or at least not that specific use for it. Yea, I think file collections might do the trick. Thanks!

I guess to take advantage of the file collection, I would move the standard page fields from the current page collection into each section of the file collections—making all page editing happen in one spot? Or is there an advantage to keeping both collections? (Assuming that I do not want to add new pages to a collection via the admin area)