Is anyone having issues with the Contact Widget of Hugo's Academic-Kickstart?

I used Netlify to Deploy in GitHub page. So far I’ve been able to modify code in GitHub and it is reflected in the new build of Netlify. Then I tried adding a google map using an API key when it all when berzerk. Turns out you’re not supposed to embed an API key in code (I didn’t know, and I was just following the instructions). Now nothing I’m modifying in GitHub repo is reflecting on the website.
Is this in response to the API key? Or is this something that others have experienced.

So, we talked with @greedykruskal and have guided her on debugging what is built, as shown in this article:

I don’t think it’s a problem with the template but couldn’t tell without her continued investigation, which we haven’t heard back on since we advised her on tuesday before she posted this :wink: