Installation of Identity

To reply to your above comment what I was trying was to create a “layout/index.html” file and that was not loading. I got rid of that and see below how it is working. When you were able to load my home page is probably after I removed the “index.html” file

What I meant by quick is what it was said in several documents, but it took me many weeks if not months to find the final solution. At least it has been solved.

The following is from another post because I could not find these. "I finally found where to put the Identity code. It is in “/layouts/partials/head.html” . I tried it in the head-/head block and also in the body-/body block. It seems to work the same in either block.

I am using the Docsy theme with a full image on each landing pages and it makes a white space at the top of each page. The “Log-out” is blurred and does not seem to work, meaning it does nothing.

That sounds more like an issue with how your template or codebase is setup, and you not being fully well-versed with it. Note that, in no situation did we have access to your source code, or have any idea about how things are setup on your end.

Just like you found it difficult to understand how to install Identity, we were finding it difficult to understand your end of things, because we have nothing to see on our end.

Note that, if you were expecting a step-by-step guide for each and every framework out there, that’s probably never going to happen. You might say, you just need it for one framework, but 10 different people would need it for 10 different frameworks. The guide provided by @jasiqli has has all the important information that each site would need at a minimum, but again, each framework would have a different way of implementing it, which we cannot write.

I finally got it figured out on my own and then discovered I can only invite 5 people where on your pricing page it says I can have 1000.(1K). If I used the open option it would open my site to any number of UNWANTED guests as the site is being designed for the members of our Association only. I finally decided to use your other option to use 1 password and provide that password to our members by upgrading to the paid program.