Insert html code into About page

I am trying to add some JavaScript function to my About page inside the markdown editor.

I put empty lines between the script and the textbox html code as I saw it was mentioned somewhere.

However when testing it in the preview model, it seems that the textbox still cannot find the subscribe function.

Please help.

@franva Did the JS code make it your page, or did it get stripped out along the way? Can you provide a URL so others might see what’s going on?

hi @gregraven I found the reason.

I was using Rich Text rather than Markdown, so when saving the file it stripped the empty line between the html and the script block which breaks the javascript.

I take my previous comment back.

here is my page

I can see my script added from Markdown is on the page, but the page still complains cannot find subscribe(); even I used Markdown and have empty lines in-between.

Now after taking a lunch break and walked about 1 hour without changing anything, it starts working again on production…

but locally it still does not work.

This is not about inserting html code into About page anymore, I will create a new question.