Identity-validate event not triggered for users signups with external providers

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I have created an identity-validate function to be notified when a user signs up on our web site (see my previous post here).

It works well when users signs up with email+password: the function is triggered just when the user fills in his email/passord in the signup form.
But when the users sign up with external providers, the function is not triggered.

I tried the two other triggers : identity-signup and identity-login, and I have even less luck with them: whichever signup method used, they are never triggered: The doc says that identity-signup is only triggered for email+password signups, but even in this case, I do not see anny call the function.

Am I missing something? Do I need to configure something more in the site panel ? I went to the settings/Identity, and did not see anything relevant…

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @RickTail,

There are existing threads about it, kindly don’t re-open multiple threads:


Thank you for your answer. I checked rapidly the forum for such an issue, but I did not go back up to August… I find it quite disappointing to have to dig through the forums to find a solution to an obvious bug on your side. I understand you may not have the resources at one time to fix it, but the issue should be made clear in the documentation, and documented as a known bug (with workaround).
This is not very professional.

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Hey there, @RickTail :wave:

Thanks so much for confirming. I hear your feedback! We are doing some major cleaning up of the Forums to make it easier to search for information, with solutions clearly highlighted. If you have any additional feedback that would make for a smoother search experience, please let us know :slight_smile:


Thank you Hillary, I appreciate your concern. As said on my comment, I would rather have a bug free solution before an easy to use solution database :wink: But I work in software product as well, I know the hardships. Keep up the good work.

Hey @RickTail,

I just remembered that you can use Webhooks from Identity settings that can be used for a similar purpose. They work fine for external providers.