Identity-signup function is not being triggered

Hey there, @Postscript-Medical :wave:

Sorry to hear you are encountering this issue! Can you please share a link to your site as well as your function name so that we can look into this further? Thank you.

Hi @hillary,

The function name is the identity-signup one and the url is:

As mentioned, my use case is the exact same as the OP. Visitors sign up on my site, Netlify identity creates a user in Netlify and the sign up webhook should be triggered, creating an entry in our FaunaDB database. I know something is wrong because: 1) The entry never gets created in Fauna and, 2) The newly created user in Netlify is missing the “owner” role.

Thank you.

Just confirming, is this happening for all signups or only OAuth-based signups? Currently, it’s a known issue that only email/password signups will trigger serverless function.s

We only have the email/password signup enabled because of that exact reason.

This is something that was working and now it isn’t. I do not know how long it has been not working as I only recently noticed entries in the identity management tab in Netlify that did not have accounts in our database.

Hey @Postscript-Medical,

This has not been working for a long time, probably from the start. Are you sure this worked before?

Hi @hrishikesh I am pretty confident it worked at some point. It might have been broken for a long time as we’ve not opened to public sign up and I have not been checking frequently. But now, we’re planning on opening for public this January coming. Is this issue something that has any level of priority to be fixed?

Hi @Postscript-Medical,

There has not been any significant progress around this. But I believe, you could use the Webhooks from identity settings that would do the job.

Hey @hrishikesh - I do appreciate the help. I did see the suggestion to use the Webhook and have tried it. For me, it did not work but I guess it is possible that I have set something up. I will try a simplified version to see what happens this time around.

When I tried it last, I kept getting 422 errors on the webhook.

Hi. Not sure if you still need help on this, but I had an issue with Fauna in which the url had been changed/updated from some original instructions.
On the GraphQL playground screen (on Fauna) there’s a URL. I assume you’re using a link, be sure it’s up to date. I think it may be:

Hi, @desidem. Thank you for sharing that solution!

If you are someone reading after searching for a solution to this issue, please feel free to let us know below if the solution above helps you.

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