How to host Netlify cms on github pages hosting

Good day. It was decided to make a project on github pages and connect netlify cms, and do deployments via github actions. But there were problems when entering the admin panel Screenshot by Lightshot
Maybe someone faced such a problem in this context, what other steps need to be taken to make the admin panel work.
Just in case, the network tab from chrome dev settings Screenshot by Lightshot I would be very grateful for your help.
The configuration in the config.yml file for the backend looks like this:

  name: git-gateway
  repo: mdl95r/bshift
  branch: gh-pages

Hi @mdl git-gateway is a Netlify service which is not available on GitHub pages.
You can either host it yourself or use another backend, for example the GitHub one with an external auth client.


@erez Thank you very much for your reply. One more question. Is it easier to set up git-gateway for gitlab?

Who else will have this question, this video me helped

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Thanks for sharing this! People like you make Netlify Forums great :grinning: :netliheart: