How to get netlify to point to an index.html file that is in a folder that is not the main folder

Hi I am deploying a github repository to Netlify and I realized that the page that will show up if you visit the site must be called index.html in the main folder. In my code, I have one main project folder which is the repository and then inside my project I have two folders, one called src which has my index.html and one called assets which is just photos. I had to bring all of the files in src out of the src folder and into the main folder so it will work. Although this works, I would like more organization instead of it looking messy with all of the code files in the open. Is there a way to get my netlify site to point to my index.html file in a subfolder like src? Thanks!

yes, there is, you just need to set it in your build settings:

A little more info here: