How to generate OpenAPI specs from Netlify functions?

How to generate OpenAPI specs from Netlify functions ?

Hi @Purritz

Could you elaborate on what you are wishing to do with, and how you are wishing to use, Netlify functions.

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I would like to build a REST API using functions, with an autogenerated OpenAPI specification dependent on the functions logic.

Nowadays it is fairly easy to do with a classic backend and framework such as Django, Express, etc…

I know I could probably do it by including express and some express dependent module in my Netlify functions. But if I do that, I feel the overhead will be too much each time a function spawn.

However, I feel the use case is so obvious that I feel I am missing something regarding the functions. Could people write their Netlify function while independently write their OpenAPI specifications ? That would be a big let down.

I think you will find the following threads will provide you with good information on this topic