How to configure screenshots for sites

On the app page, I only see the boilerplate image or a white screen:


What metadata drives the screenshot page for all apps on the Netlify Platform?

Thanks, Kyle

Nothing you can configure; we either have a snapshot we took, or we failed to take one and you get that placeholder.

We recently (last week) reconfigured our screenshot service so it should work more of the time than it was (which was somewhere between “rarely” and “not at all” before then, since it is a non-critical service). It only “tries” to work right after a deploy, so if you haven’t deployed those sites in awhile a new deploy may help (or may not, and if not, sorry - nothing we can do to help at present).

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Thanks, that makes sense. Since you’re hosting the screenshot anyway, it might be nice to just allow for a manual upload so folks can easily (visually) differentiate across multiple sites, even if they’re similar above the fold on the home page. But no complaints for a free tier service which has been going awesome so far. Appreciate the reply! Best, Kyle

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Hi Kyle - nice idea. You should chime in on here about that:

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