How can I host my backend endpoints with Netlify>

I was wondering how could I host my backend endpoints (Built with NodeJS + Express) with Netlify.

Current stack:
FE - VueJS
BE - NodeJS/ExpressJS/Firebase

I am already hosting my full project with Netlify on my domain. My repo basically has the both client and server inside of it. Where client is all of the markup, styles and FE logic and server is just endpoints (APIs). No server side rendering or similar.

I want to be able to host my endpoints (ex: with netlify. Is this even possible?
Hence so I can access it wherever I want (Postman, mobile app etc.).

I really do not want to use Netlify Functions or something similar. Just my own setup.

Let me know!

Hi, @AndreasDeveloper. Using Functions is currently the only way to run any server side code at Netlify. If you are not using functions, you cannot deploys those backends here.

We have a support guide about this here: