How can I get an object data inside a relation widget?

Hello guys. First of all thanks for helping out newbies like me.
I have a collection for user badges where I have a title field and then an object field with an image of the badge and a description.
Then I have a members collection with a relation widget searching inside my badges collection.

The problem I have is that I don’t know how to make my relation widget get the entire object of badges as value.

I have tried setting the valueField of my relation widget in different ways such as:
valueField: "badge.*."
valueField: "badge*"
valueField: ".*"
valueField: "*"

And the only way it works is if I only get only one value, for example:
valueField: "badge.description"

How can I get the entire object?


Members Collection:

  - name: members
    label: Members
    extension: "json"
    folder: src/data/members
     preview: false
    create: true
      - { name: title, label: User}
      - name: "badges" 
        label: "Badges"
        widget: relation
        collection: badges
        searchFields: ["title"]
        displayFields: ["title", "description"]
        valueField: ""
        multiple: true
        required: false

Badges Collection:

- name: badges
    label: Badges
    folder: src/data/badges
    create: true
    extension: "json"
    media_folder: 'static/images/badges'
    public_folder: '/images/badges'
     preview: false
      - { name: title, label: Name of the badge}
      - name: badge
        label: badge
        widget: object
          - { name: description, label: Description of the badge, widget: string }
          - { name: image, label: Image of the badge, widget: image }

Hi @falconmasters and welcome to the community!

The wildcard * character is used for referencing list fields.

It is important to remember that the value field should be used as a unique identifier for the relation, so using fields that might change can break the relation.

However you can reference multiple fields via string templates, e.g. valueField: {{fields.badge.description}} - {{fields.badge.image}}

Hi, i react to this thread because i think it can be nice to add possibility to extract nested datas in objects… (using first object keys in first depth level)

For the context i had to fetch languages from an object like this. This object is customisable in a file collection (check yaml code below, corresponding to full netlifycms config.yml)

The object generated i want to fetch from a relation :

languageName = "English"
title = "Alouette house"

languageName = "Français"
title = "Maison alouette"

And with a relation field i wan’t to extract a language code from another file collection by using wilcard in nested objects. I’ve seen wilcard only work with list widget but it can be nice to use it also in objects


  name: git-gateway
  proxy_url: 'http://localhost:8081/api/v1'
  repo: loic-roux-404/hugo-netheme
  squash_merges: true
  use_graphql: true
local_backend: true
media_folder: exampleSite/assets/medias
public_folder: /medias
  - extension: toml
      - fields:
          - collection: international
            file: languages
            label: Disable Langs
            name: disable
              - en.title
              - en.title # Here i want to use *.title to also target both fr.title and en.title
              - en.languageCode
            value_field: en.languageCode
            widget: relation
        file: exampleSite/config/_default/config.toml
        label: Core hugo config
        name: core
    label: Settings
    media_folder: ../../exampleSite/assets/medias/settings
    name: settings
    public_folder: /medias/settings
  - extension: toml
    label: International configuration
    name: international
       - file: config/_default/languages.toml
         name: 'languages'
         label: Languages metadatas
         extension: toml
            - label: Language metas (French)
              name: fr
              widget: object
              - name: languageName
                required: true
                widget: string
              - label: Title
                name: title
                required: true
                widget: string
            - label: Language metas (English)
              name: en
              widget: object
                - name: languageName
                  required: true
                  widget: string
                - label: Title
                  name: title
                  required: true
                  widget: string

In autocomplete (relations suggest) i want to see names fields of object fr and en in file collection named languages.

Someone think it’s possible to do that for now or implement in a future version ?

PS : Not the subject, but is it possible to choose a dynamic object name key in list widget using types ?

    widget: list
        - { widget: object, name: "defined by user or by a field ?", object_key: 'toto', fields: [...] }

Hi @loic, you’re correct this is not supported yet.
I recommend opening an feature request for it or structuring languages.toml as a list. In your case using the latter makes sense to me (you could also add a key field for the relation, e.g en, fr)

Not sure I understand this - you cannot have dynamic field names. What is your use case for that request?


I’m using hugo and i’m trying to manage toml configuration maps, hugo require this strict map / object structure, so i can’t change it…

I’ve submitted the feature to repo here

Not sure I understand this - you cannot have dynamic field names. What is your use case for that request?

I need list type similar widget but for objects. I’m Also in an hugo configuration context and i wan’t to choose key for object from field in UI.

hugo only accept translation of structure :

other = "value"
  - widget: object
    name: trans
      - widget: object
        name: {{object_key}}
        object_key: true
        fields:  [
              { name: other, widget: string, label: Translation value},
              { name: translation_key, widget:string, object_key: true, label: Translation key},

The fields I use are pure invention

I need to choose key for objects, and add unlimited translations like we can do with list type feature.

It seems to be not possible but do you think it’s can be an useful feature ? Or is it a too much special case and a more adapted solution is a custom widget.

I’m going to submit a custom widget here when I will be able to make it work in my project…

Not sure, I think it might be easier to add an additional step to transform the CMS data to the structure expected by Hugo before passing it to Hugo (that might solve the other issue as well).