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Hosting subdomain on netlify

Thank you for the fast reply,

This is normal because ui.ac.id is a registered domain. I can see kmk.cs.ui.ac.id has a CNAME record pointing to kmkcsui.netlify.app . Click the Add domain button to continue.

This is what I just tried to do, but it doesn’t work because of the ‘custom_domain is owned by another account’ error.

Please note, kmk.cs.ui.ac.id is different to www.kmk.cs.ui.ac.id and unless you add a CNAME for www.kmk.cs.ui.ac.id as well, you cannot add it as a custom domain.

So do I need to also add a CNAME record from www.kmk.cs.ui.ac.id aswell or do I need to change my current record from kmk.cs.ui.ac.id to www.kmk.cs.ui.ac.id or is it something else ? Apologies for my confusion.

I would forget about using www.kmk.cs.ui.ac.id and only use kmk.cs.ui.ac.id.

I believe part of the issue in adding this domain is that kmk is a subdomain of cs.ui.ac.id and cs is a subdomain of ui.ac.id.

I will have to leave this to Netlify’s Support Engineers to handle @garyteofanus.

Alright, I’ll be waiting for a reply. Thanks for your help.

Hey @garyteofanus,

We’ve removed ui.ac.id from the other account.

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Hey there, @garyteofanus :wave:

I see you opened another thread related to this current one (linked here).

@hrishikesh responded above. Are you still waiting for additional information? Please respond in this thread so that we can streamline this conversation.

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Hi! Thanks for the fast reply, I apologize @hillary for opening multiple threads, I just noticed that my post has been answered and I thought that this post is hijacking another post. Also thanks @hrishikesh for resolving my issue.

Not a problem! Glad your issue is resolved. Happy building :netliconfetti:

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