Git commit message from Editor UI

Let’s say we have an article, and the citation changes, the author, post doc, academic, goes into the article, changes it, goes into the in review column of the editorial workflow.

I would very much want that academic to have a comment box at the top of the editor UI, that would allow them to write something a la:
"Fix: Citation changed due to peer review, update 16 Mar with new etc. etc. "

The Academic’s equivalent of an almost semantic commit.

I found the below two links:

It seems this is kind of in the wings, but I Could be misreading, does anyone have knowledge or direction otherwise they could assist me with?

The commit messages object does not have access to a collections’ fields nor has a dedicated commit_messages parameter been created, unfortunately. In other words: the commit messages template tags are not editable from the CMS.


Good to know. Thanks Tom.