Gatsby Master / Multisite. Is it possible?!


I’m trying to figure out a way to make a master blog site/template that can be used to control updates across several children sites.

E.g If I were to add a component to the footer on the master, it would be available for all sites to use.

I’m aiming to pair the frontends with backends built with Wordpress multisites. The Wordpress multisites are all subdomain sites which are fed from a master. Plugins and fields are all managed in the master site. But the content is added to each site independently.

Is it possible to deploy a master Gatsby site and then feed this to other sites but change the data source so it pulls from the corresponding backend?

I’m planning on making several blog sites, which have different content but the same structure.


frontendmaster backendmaster
| | <–> <–> <–>

If it’s also possible to take it a step further to customise some independent aspects of the children sites e.g. colour themes that would be incredible.

I’m essentially trying to mimic a Wordpress Multisite ecosystem but with a Gatsby and Netlify frontend.

Hopefully there’s a way to do this! :smiley:



Hi @anthonysmith8686 ,

I have had similar questions myself. Have you made any progress on the topic?

While I haven’t read the articles in full I found these that might prove useful in achieving your goal:

While the second one uses Vercel, I guess it’s possible to get it working with Netlify too.