Form submissions doesnt work, no captcha. Copied & pasted from Docs, still dont work


Tried my own form first. The form submits - but nothing is found in Netlify (no submissions or any form is detected) and the user is presented with some standard Netlify error message. I think it was 404.
So I copied and pasted the code from the Netlify docs. Got exactly the same problem with that code.

The site is built with Vue - so the data tags get attached. Here’s the code from copy/paste:

<form data-v-3615d175="" name="contact" method="POST" data-netlify="true">
   <p data-v-3615d175=""><label data-v-3615d175="">Your Name: <input data-v-3615d175="" type="text" name="name"></label></p>
   <p data-v-3615d175=""><label data-v-3615d175="">Your Email: <input data-v-3615d175="" type="email" name="email"></label></p>
   <p data-v-3615d175="">
      <label data-v-3615d175="">
         Your Role: 
         <select multiple="multiple" data-v-3615d175="" name="role[]">
            <option data-v-3615d175="" value="leader">Leader</option>
            <option data-v-3615d175="" value="follower">Follower</option>
   <p data-v-3615d175=""><label data-v-3615d175="">Message: <textarea data-v-3615d175="" name="message"></textarea></label></p>
   <p data-v-3615d175=""><button data-v-3615d175="" type="submit">Send</button></p>

Now I restored to my first code since we didnt observe any difference using the Netlify code.
Here’s the site:

Also, I had to disable the submit button right now because of this problem so that people don’t submit stuff.

What’s wrong? It’s just a standard form, it works for other sites, just not this one.

Hi @rille111 - i can’t access that site to look at the form - can you verify? we should fix this first before worrying about the form, but did you read these posts?

Thank you Perry. The last article helped. Since Vue.js dynamically renders HTML upon requests (i.e - from JavaScript) It is now clear that Netlify Servers haven’t prepared for the form.

Yeah the site can’t be accessed because of nameserver problems. Trying to fix this. Cheers and have a nice weekend!

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great. If you can’t get the nameservers figured out, can you make a new thread so we can deal with that separately? thanks!