Form Submission POST occasionally fails to submit (lost submissions)

Site/Form URL:
Deploy preview with minor change:

Several of our test form submissions haven’t been making it to either spam or verified submissions. After investigating, we discovered that our POST seems to 404 just before the redirect. To complicate matters, this form has been verified as working in the past and no code changes have occurred since the issue was discovered. Additionally, one submission intentionally engineered to be marked as spam (name: test, email: test@test.test, etc.) made it through and one legitimate submission made it through but no others.

Any idea why this could be happening? We’re using a fairly unorthodox naming convention for the form names. Could it be related to that?

hi there, sorry to be slow to reply.

before we dig in, have you looked through this guide to rule out anything super obvious?

Hi Perry, sorry for my slow reply. We were able to resolve this. The culprit seemed to be spaces in the form name. This was confusing because, as far as we could tell, this isn’t really documented as unsupported anywhere. I figured I’d share in case someone else with a similar problem stumbles across this.

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Hey there. @hu0p :wave:

Thanks for circling back with an update! I am glad that you have gotten everything working :netliconfetti: Additionally, I appreciate you taking time to share this feedback with us. I will share it with our Documentation team!