Execute python command

hello I want to execute python bot.py after build, Can you show me the way?

You could create a file called build.sh and change your build command to build.sh. In that file you could add your custom commands.

when I make build command to python file.py , it disconnected after 30 minutes.

I succeed in build.sh(build completed) that has “python file.py”, but my python file is not working after few hours.

It’s a Telegram bot python file, and I want to keep running it. Is there any way to do that?

auto conflicting when there is already published deploy
“telegram.error.Conflict: Conflict: terminated by other getUpdates request; make sure that only one bot instance is running”

Hi @Ella77

I suggest having a read over this support guide

I found a list of hosts for Python Telegram bots that might interest you @Ella77