Error proxying to deploy multiple repos in single site


I’m trying out the instructions in this sibling thread about deploying multiple repositories in a single site, but have not gotten it to work. (AND I can’t provide the link here because new users are limited to 2 links.)

In GitHub project pages style, I’d like to serve individual project repos as a sub directory to my home page.

Here is my main, custom-domain enabled home page, with the following _redirects file:

/talks/** 200!

Here is my project repo named “talks” on Netlify.

I’ve tested that the talks site works. But the redirect from the home page is not happening.

Any advice?


/talks/* 200!
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Thanks @talves - that works.

But I can also confirm that the solution I used before your suggestion, which was provided in this thread, actually does work too!

I realized the reason for my error was not including _redirects in the published build directory as suggested in the docs :man_facepalming:

I was tipped off to this by the fact that each deploy summary mentioned that there were no redirect rules processed during the deploy.

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