Error 522 - cloudflare


I received the following error after months of normal operations:
Error: 522 Ray ID: 53cf9b438a34ca4b • 2019-11-28 21:59:00 UTC.

This seems to be due to some problematic interaction between cloudflare and netlify.

Cloudflare engineers suspect that this was caused by packet loss.

Any ideas?


Hi Charles,

The only way I’m aware of that you’d get this error is if you use this unsupported setup:

Does that match your config? If so, you’d need to revert it before we can provide any technical support - our CDN works better when there isn’t anything between us and the browser.


Yep this matches my setup. Ok I’ve reverted back to only netlify and this seems to solve the problem. Fyi having Cloudflare in front seemed to speed up page loading (particularly for mobile if that makes any sense)