Error 403 Forbidden openresty

Hello !

We have a problem with our custom domain :

Sometimes we get an error 403 Forbidden openresty (or DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE on Chrome), while the netlify domain is always ok (

(Not) using a VPN, private navigation, cleaning cache or using different devices or web browsers doesn’t help much, still the same error if we’re unlucky.

Do you know where is the problem and if so, how can we fix this ?

Thanks in advance and have a great day

Hi @ronan welcome to the forums! :wave:t6: We’re glad you’re here. Can you please elaborate on the specific problem?

When I check our domain settings it’s showing your DNS is not configured correctly. Can you fix that first then wait 48 hours to see if the issue is still there?

Also please give this support guide a read to see if that helps you?