Email forwarding from lcn - adding more nameservers

Hi all, I’m relatively new to netlify but I have been able to set things up so my domain is at lcn and my files are hosted on GitHub. I wanted to set up email forwarding at lcn to create a new address and it isn’t working. lcn say I need to add to add the below records:

However I’m cautious because I have added nameservers already and everything works. I can’t see anywhere to add in dedicated email forwarding ones either. Could anyone offer any advice on this?

Thanks for reading

Hi @michaelsft

Adding mail server records into Netlify DNS (which I gather you are now using) is possible.

However if you are wanting LCN to handle mail through forwarding to another address (which is what I believe you are wanting to do), you would (likely) need to use LCN’s nameservers and not Netlify’s.

Have a look over [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain? for more information on this very topic.