Email containing Netlify link are ending up at junk


I am trying to distribute my Netlify forms to the users by sending the website’s link through my company’s email. However, my emails end up in junk if it contains the netlify form’s link.

Can you suggest any trick to circumvent this issue?

Hi @Faizan :wave:t6: thanks so much for reaching out. I’m not sure why emails are going to spammer for your users. When this happened to me I just put the hyperlink behind a word and that’s helped. I also recommend you check out this support guide and see if this can help:

Thanks for the response. I tried putting the hyperlink behind a word, and even then its ending up as junk.
I’ve read that support guide, and although it is quite helpful, it doesn’t solve this issue.

I have tried shortening the URL as well, but that doesn’t work either.

Do you have any other tips/tricks?
Thanks for your help

Hi, @Faizan. There is nothing at Netlify that we can do to change how your email system’s spam filter works. If we knew why it was filtering the email as junk, we might possibly do something to modify that root cause. However, as we cannot access your email system to troubleshoot, we don’t have that information.

We would need you to tell us why it is doing what it is doing. That is a system that you (or your organization) controls. As we have no access to your email system we have no way to get that information except by you providing it to us.

The recommended solution here is to contact the technical support for the email service and ask them not to filter the emails as junk. The email system is making that false determination and it the email system which needs a change to correct this.

If that solution doesn’t work for any reason or if there are any other questions, please let us know.