Disable IPV6 support and restore original dns records

Hi all! After enabling ipv6 support some visitors from Russia reports problem with site access. How to revert dns settings?
Custom domain strekoza.ai

hi there, what were the DNS settings before?

Defaults without NETLIFYv6

but it doesn’t seem to help

Yes! It appears that https://strekoza.netlify.app is currently blocked in Russia.


URL https://strekoza.netlify.app
Domain strekoza.netlify.app
Decision 27-31-2018/Ид2971-18 made on 2018-04-16 by Генпрокуратура .

This block affects IP .

Decision 2-6-27/ 2016-01-31-6-АИ made on 2016-03-09 by ФНС .

This block affects IP , domain primedice.com and URL http://primedice.com .

Decision 49718 made on 2018-06-21 by Роспотребнадзор .

This block affects IP , domain xexe.bitballoon.com and URL http://xexe.bitballoon.com/ymor/stihi-pro-smert-korotkie-pro-lybov.html .|

hi there,

unfortunately we are currently still working to resolve some issues with our services in Russia and Ukraine. We hope to have an update on this soon, and we will let you know as soon as we do.

Did you have it working at some point? :thinking:

Hi there, we have implemented a solution for our customers from Russia and Ukraine. More information here: