Direct file access not working

I want to make the JavaScript source maps be readable by Sentry.

I generated them and they are lying with other static files. Confirmed via downloading the deployed files from Deploys section of Netlify. Here are the files in static/js directory.

My current redirect file is as below:

/*    /index.html   200

As per the Shadowing the direct access to the file should be allowed.

But when I try to access http://<my-host> it redirects me to the index.html and tries to find client side route. Which, eventually results in not found.

Can anyone please guide if I am missing something?


Hi, @chirag.chopra, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :+1:

Would you please send us a link to the deploy and the URL which isn’t working for that deploy?

Instead, if you prefer it, we ask you to send us the x-nf-request-id header for the HTTP response for the non-working URL.

There more information about this header here:

With either set of information we’ll be able to research the root cause of this issue. If there are other questions for us, please let us know.

Hello @luke, thanks for the response. I think there is some issue with my build process or I may have to contact Sentry Support first to understand few things.

OK. Let us know if you need our help later, happy to look into it again in the future.