Deploying via zip file using REST API issues

When do you add index.html into the folder what name you give to the folder? I stuck at the same place as you before, not able to see the result of the uploaded zip file.

Hi, @sanampatel. It doesn’t matter because you make a zip file of the contents of the directory (and any subdirectories), not the directory itself. Because of this, the directory isn’t ever a part of the zip file.

Hi, I’m facing the exact same issue here.
Deploy failed while extracting zip: Zip end of central directory signature not found
The zip file I create has no problems. unzip -t <file> says No errors detected in compressed data of <file> and if I drag and drop it in the browser UI it deploys just fine.

Hi, @marz. Would you be willing to share that file with us so we can attempt to reproduce the error?

Yes. How do I send you guys the file?

your best bet is probably to upload it to some form of storage somewhere, or share it via dropbox, google docs, etc.

Well, I can’t yet send personal messages to users so I have no way of privately contacting the staff. I am willing to share the zip file with Netlify but not with the whole internet by posting a link to the file here for everyone to see.