Deploying an MVC Site to Netlify. Is it possible?

I have figured out how to deploy successfully but I am having issues because I created an ASP.NET MVC web app and at the root folder there is no index.html. I manually added on and the site populates with some broke razor output, but I was wondering if there was anyway to maintain the MVC functionality? My site is here:

Hey @BigFellaEngineer

Netlify is used for building Jamstack sites. Once deployed, the only thing that runs is client-side JavaScript or Netlify (lambda) Functions. There is no backend. Everything is built, there is no runtime serving. ASP is, from memory (old memory now) a server-side technology like PHP, which does not run (except for build-time) on Netlify.

You might find these resources provide useful information to help you understand what is possible with Netlify

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