Deployed Blank Web Page

I’m new to this, sorry.

My github repo:
My current github page is:
The github source is currently set to master branch / docs

I used the build command: npm run build
And the public directory to: docs
The netlify page after deployment is however a blank page:

Console show 404 error:

I must be doing something wrong, searching doesnt yield any results on how to set up this case. Need some help, thank you.

hi there, you are trying to load the assets from the cake directory, but its unclear from your settings whether this is actually where you are generating them or not:

I would download your deploy and make sure that what you think is there is actually there and that all the paths are correct:

Ok, i found the reason. It seems my vue.config.js was the reason:
To be able to show it on github page, i needed to add publicpath: //

But removing this file and it is working.

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